American Are Excited about Electric Ford F-150, Cybertuck & Sliverado

America’s favorite pickup truck is going all-electric. Ford’s F-150 Lightning is the latest in a string of electric vehicles being launched by carmakers in the country and will likely hit the market in early 2022. Packed with interesting features and with almost identical looks as its gas-powered and hybrid counterparts, the F-150 Lightning has already attracted comparisons with the more angular and sci-fi looking Cybertruck, which is on track to roll out later this year. As automakers focus on adding more EVs to their lineup, how keen are consumers to opt for greener options? Piplsay polled 27,870 Americans nationwide to get some insights. Here is what they found.

When asked about the F-150 lightning all electric version due in 2020 15% said they are not excited about it. 28% haven’t heard about it and 57% said yes they are excited.

When polled about which pickup truck has in has impressed them the most so far 32% went for the F-150 lightning, 24% Tesla cybertruck, 21% Chevrolet Silverado, 12% GMC Hummer, 3% Altis XT 3% Rivian R1T 3% Lordstown Endurrnce 2% Bollinger B2.

“With most automobile brands going Electra do you have plans to buy an electric vehicle in the new future?”The answer were 25% yes mostly a pickup truck, 23% yes but not a pickup truck 31% no.

“If you plan to buy an electric pickup truck soon then which among the following do you think through the most interested in?

25% Ford F-150 lightning

24% Tesla cybertruck

23% Chevrolet Silverado

12% GMC Hummer

5% Rivian R1T

4% Alits XT

4% Lordstown Endurance 3%

Bollinger motors BT

“Which factor would be the most important to you when buying an electric pickup truck ?

34% specifications 28% price 20% brand 13% features 5% looks.

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