Dr. B & Uber Partner for Free Rides for Covid Vaccines

  Dr. B and Uber announce a partnership to make COVID-19 vaccines more accessible for everyone across the country. Dr. B’s text message-based platform now enables anyone to sign up for a vaccine appointment in minutes and get a free ride to and from their shot — all in one free and simple experience.

While over 150 million Americans have already received at least one vaccine dose, critical barriers — including inflexible work schedules, transportation needs and other logistical challenges — are preventing millions of people who still want shots from getting them. These barriers are disproportionately affecting underserved populations that were most impacted by the pandemic, including communities of color. The new partnership between Dr. B and Uber helps create more equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines by providing the easiest way to schedule and travel to appointments.

“The pandemic highlighted the inequities of our healthcare system. Communities of color, who often don’t have access to quality healthcare to begin with, were extremely hard hit and are still facing significant challenges to get vaccinated,” said Cyrus Massoumi, Founder and CEO of Dr. B. “The vaccination effort is now reaching a critical turning point in the U.S. and our collective effort needs to focus on making it easier for anyone who wants a shot to get one. We’re hopeful that this new partnership with Uber, as well as our integration with mobile vaccine clinics, will help reach the most isolated and underserved communities.”

“Lack of access to dependable transportation shouldn’t prevent someone from receiving a vaccine,” said Julia Paige, Uber’s Director of Social Impact. “We’re excited to work with Dr. B to help break down transportation barriers in underserved communities by providing free rides to and from vaccination sites across America. This partnership makes it easier for those who want a vaccine but may not have access to reliable transportation to get a ride to vaccine sites through one simple process.”

After a simple two minute signup at hidrb.com, Dr. B users receive automatic text notifications from local providers when vaccine appointments are available near them. After accepting an appointment that fits their schedule, users are offered a free Uber ride worth up to $30 each way for rides to and from their appointments.

Dr. B is named in honor of Massoumi’s grandfather, nicknamed ‘Dr. Bubba,’ who became a doctor during the 1918 influenza pandemic and dedicated his life to removing obstacles between patients and care to make healthcare more equitable. In that same spirit, Dr. B is completely free and has already helped nearly 2.5 million people sign up to receive notifications about available vaccinations. The company has established relationships with community organizations and nonprofits in order to reach the most vulnerable populations, which have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.


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